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Enlightenment - an energetic lens

This is a significant part of the work I do - There is a great benefit at this time on Earth to advanced spiritual seekers gaining an understanding of the process and 'mechanics' of enlightenment from an energetic perspective.

There are of course many different descriptions of advanced states of consciousness and Enlightenment that have been delivered by Enlightened and highly advanced teachers throughout the ages. Each set of teachings reflects the teacher themselves, the degree of awakening obtained, their particular dharma (unique spiritual path) and also the historical times and context they taught in. Enlightened teachers or highly advanced teachers of consciousness recognise that teaching is a fluid relationship, a dance between telling the truth and teaching in a style that spiritual seekers of that time are ready for.

Enlightenment has not as often been described clearly in energetic terms until recent times (although there are references in various religions to aspects of the energetic nature of the body and of reality, more on that later) - with advances in science, the average person is now able to understand conceptually that everything is made up of energy. Students are taught in school that there is heat energy, sound energy, light energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy etc. From that scientific understanding it is now less of a leap to be open to the understanding that our bodies are made up of energy and that the electromagnetic energy of the body (the body's energy field, or 'the energy body') can influence the way you experience reality and the way you experience reality also affects the energy body… The existence of the body's electromagnetic field is scientifically acknowledged. Of course not everyone is ready to accept that the human energy field, even though its existence is scientifically recognised, is a centre of spiritual intelligence and has value beyond being a quality of the physicality of the body. But advanced seekers are more open in this regard than at times in the past when there was no scientific context to explain what energy is.

The invention of Applied Kinesiology in the 1960s by George Goodheart showed that the human body is able to communicate its energetic reaction to stimuli (either positive or negative) by converting it into a form that the conscious mind can understand - the muscle test. (Which gives a binary yes/no answer - when a muscle goes 'strong' this means the answer is positive to the health of the body or a 'yes' (truth) and when the muscle goes 'weak' this means the answer is negative to the health of the body or a 'no' (falsehood)). This discovery is at the forefront of what I do - by connecting to the energy field of the body and the energy field of All That Is, energy can be read in a methodical, repeatable way.

This is an example of an experiment that demonstrates the accuracy of muscle testing: Dr David Hawkins (who will be mentioned later as the person who created the Scale of Consciousness) conducted an experiment. In the experiment he gave members of the audience a sealed envelope with an unknown powder inside. Inside each envelope was either vitamin C or an artificial sweetener. (The reasoning behind this being that the vitamin C is something that muscle tests as strong/yes, meaning it's positive for human health, and the artificial sweetener tests as weak/no, meaning it's negative for human health). Because the envelope was sealed no participants knew which of the two substances was inside their envelope. The audience divided into pairs and performed the muscle test on the contents of the sealed envelope - would the body test as strong or weak in response to what was in their envelope? All the persons who had the artificial sweetener in their envelope all got a weak/no muscle test and the persons who had the vitamin C inside their envelope all got a strong/yes muscle test!

What Goodheart, Hawkins and all sincere and skilled muscle testers have uncovered is that energy is neutral data which a person who genuinely wants to know the truth can access through using the reflexes of the body (whether a muscle goes strong or weak) to muscle test yes/no answers to questions. These questions can be related to many things, for example:

  • What is beneficial for physical health, including optimal diet, exercise routine, which supplements are most helpful etc (I used muscle testing as one of the foundational tools to heal myself from serious illness).

  • Muscle testing if it is the highest good to make a certain life decision - the energy field of All that Is may reveal an unforeseen factor that cannot be perceived with the five senses, informing the person of the best pathway forward. (For example muscle testing along with asking common sense questions could reveal that option B is the highest good over option A, perhaps because of factors like an untrustworthy person associated with option A, path B being more emotionally pleasant to the subconscious mind, or path B being more likely to accumulate more positive karma etc).

  • You can muscle test whether a trauma or unhelpful belief has been cleared or not. Several healing modalities use muscle testing in this way to clear old energy / trauma / limiting beliefs and then confirm its release.

  • For those who have awakened an intuitive gift these intuitions can be confirmed with a simple muscle test - which if performed by a person genuinely devoted to truth can show if there are any errors, poor wordings or ego present in their channeling work. Many 'channelers' have not fully actualised their spiritual potential in their body of work due to attachment to mental positions that they were not aware of (believing that they want to be true, not seeing the truth of what is). A muscle test can help a person to see if there are any inaccuracies in their channeling work though asking common sense yes no questions about their work, perhaps breaking it down by sentence or paragraph.

In short, there are many contexts in which being able to muscle test for yourself or have someone else accurately muscle test for you can be extremely beneficial. I would recommend learning muscle testing as part of the foundational toolkit for any advanced spiritual seeker.

Another way of quantifying energy into an easy to understand way is the Scale of Consciousness discovered by Dr David Hawkins. The Scale of Consciousness describes the Levels of Consciousness a person can move through on the way to Enlightenment, from the most destructive level at 1 to total Enlightenment at 1000. Muscle testing confirms that each Level of Consciousness corresponds to certain frequency energy fields E.g. 1000 on the Scale corresponds to the energy field 1000Hz. These energy fields and Levels of Consciousness are either destructive or positive to the health of the body and to society. The energetic record of the body doesn't lie - now with a few simple muscle tests one can know the truth of how close one is to Enlightenment through determining the embodied Level of Consciousness and what the main blockages are from making further progress etc. (This is what we do in my Scale of Consciousness Consults). Also from this understanding, the value of energy healing and its increasing power as the Levels of Consciousness and vibrational frequency increases can be understood.

Many accounts throughout history, my own personal experience and muscle testing all point to that there is a general shared energetic experience as one goes through an 'ascension process' towards Enlightenment. This includes various processes in the body such as:

  • The chakras being raised to higher frequencies

  • Toxins being cleared from the body

  • Kundalini energy flowing between the root through the chakras and the crown chakra (and below and above these chakras)

  • Needing to change one's diet or lifestyle to experience optimal health

  • Trapped emotions being released (my Emotion Code sessions are a way of helping to release these trapped emotions in a balanced way)

Thus it is helpful for spiritual seekers to understand and have some context for the energetic process all bodies go through on their way towards enlightenment, especially those who may undergo or are undergoing 'advanced ascension' - which can be sudden, at times intense and is poorly understood by mainstream society.

At the highest Levels of Consciousness, the linear 'logical' mind and 'ordinary' thinking is no longer the main source of intelligence or decision making - the intuitive senses take over and all of reality is seen as moving, flowing, interacting energy streams. When life is seen this way, things become apparent which were not visible with the perception of lower Levels of Consciousness. Many seekers 'chase' awakening through the intellect but it's worth noting that the intellect can only take you so far on the spiritual path… all thoughts, if one is to become Enlightened or highly awakened, have to be surrendered into silence, into presence, to create space for new layers of truth to reveal themselves inwardly. The answer that arises from the divine awareness that emerges at Levels of Consciousness 800-1000 is far more intelligent than the answer of an 'expert' or scholar. Since the shift from mind-based perception to the intuitive senses awakening can occur at any time, and may be a sudden rather than gradual process, it is wise to be aware of this paradigm shift as a natural phenomenon of advanced consciousness and to prepare oneself through practicing listening to the intuitive senses now.

There have been references in non-dualistic religions and philosophies to aspects of the energetic nature of the human being and the awakening process, and this is a conversation that can be expanded on as some of these ancient descriptions either contain errors or poor wordings, or the modern understanding of these terms that has circulated amongst spiritual communities has become distorted from its original meaning. There is more of value that can be said to expand the understanding of these terms and how they are relevant to today's spiritual seekers.

For example, Kundalini is a Hindu Sanskrit term meaning 'coiled snake' that describes the dormant spiritual energy in the body. A full kundalini awakening leads to energy flowing between the chakras, leading to spiritual illumination. This is indeed the case. However many spiritual seekers today have a poor understanding of how to actually raise kundalini energy and whether they are even ready to do so (spiritual energy is not a magic trick to be played with - deep traumas can surface from trying to 'force' the energy to rise). Most spiritual seekers at this time would benefit most from balancing the energy that they already have and letting the kundalini energy adjust itself in the background as a natural process. On the other hand kundalini and the ascension process, or the raising of frequency correlated with the Levels of Consciousness are one and the same, so ancient descriptions may be a valuable resource when paired with muscle testing to spot any potential inaccuracies in the text.

The nature of our Universe is energetic, and thus having an understanding of the energetic nature of reality is the fast-track to awakening and Enlightenment. With the tools available to advanced seekers today many persons can prevent years of suffering and going round and round in spiritual circles, not knowing how to overcome their personal obstacles.

This is the personal dharma that I am here to offer, to make the body of spiritual knowledge that is most helpful for advanced seekers (especially in the modern era) available, to correct widespread misperceptions and to help spiritual seekers to move through their personal journey in a way that is most beneficial for their soul, mind and body (especially in my 1-1 work).


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