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How channeling (receiving intuitive information) works

Every human being who has sufficient devotion to the truth can accurately receive intuitive information.

The mechanism for how this works is that the energy body (electromagnetic field) of the human body has an incredible sensory capacity. It has 'sensors' that pick up the energetic data of the environment around it. Furthermore the crown and third eye chakras contain 'sensors' that can pick up data interdimensionally so you can access data from any time, place or dimension. 

All persons are picking up data all the time, but whether the conscious mind can recognise this data and turn it into meaningful information is what determines if a person experiences themselves as 'intuitive', 'psychic', 'clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient' etc

In order for the conscious mind to recognise this data in a consistent way (i.e. experiencing yourself to have a reliable intuitive gift) there must be:

  • A physical pineal gland that has minimal fluoridation (i.e. you would benefit from avoiding drinking fluoride in your water and avoiding brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and ideally, if you can, install a shower filter that reduces the fluoride in your shower/bath)

  • A physical pineal gland that has minimal blocked energy (this is multifactorial but ideal conditions for this to happen includes doing your best to have a low-toxin diet, especially avoiding heavy metals, and drinking plenty of high quality water/ liquids)

  • Genuine non attachment to the information coming in (this means working on your spiritual path)

When your pineal gland is in good health (and most people do have sufficient pineal gland health to begin accessing intuitive information) and you are sufficiently non-attached, an incredible connection to truth is available to you.

Through accessing intuitive information you can know:

  • Information about your individual soul purpose, your unique blueprint and your soul contracts

  • Information on the nature of reality e.g. what happens when you die and how to move towards enlightenment 

  • Information about opportunities that may arise around you (e.g. people it would be a good idea to contact or whether a job opportunity is a good idea or not)

  • Who is acting consciously and who isn't and the true degrees of consciousness of people around you. (This saves a lot of time and energy that people spend on toxic relationships!)  

  • Information about your body, health and emotional wellbeing

So many positive energetic fields of opportunity in people's lives are invisible to most people! The conditioned mind may not always know what is best for it - when your intuitive gifts open up this is a whole new paradigm that gives you access to far greater solutions for your life! Something you wouldn't perhaps have noticed can become visible to you. A wonderful doorway that you couldn't see before is now easy to identify and walk through! You can also minimise negative outcomes by knowing about things that aren't an energetic match to you. 

3 main spiritual blocks that prevent people from accessing their intuitive abilities and what you can do about them: 

  • Not believing it's possible for you. Some people believe that 'some people just naturally have a 'gift' to do this and others don't have this gift' - or believe their gift is weaker than others' abilities are. However it is a totally natural and normal part of the human template to channel information when enough Consciousness has awakened within you. Seeing intuitively is your true state! Know that anyone who wants to move closer to their true state can ask for divine assistance to help open their third eye. E.g. you can sincerely ask: 'all higher beings and higher forces that can help, please help me to awaken my intuitive gift more deeply'. You can also meditate with the specific intention to let go of this limiting belief and to open this ability. 

  • Not wanting to see the truth (a lot of people carry this subconscious block! And even people who do channel are often doing it way below their true potential because they are open truly open to seeing some of the truth - their ego may be unwilling to access other parts of the truth). Working on self love and remembering that the external world cannot define you (you are and always will be loving awareness) can go a long way to help you feel safe to receive truth. Meditating with the specific intention 'please show me the truth' can also lead to incredibly powerful intuitive revelations.

  • Not claiming their inner power (you have to be in a state of inner power to receive accurate information because sometimes the information can be relating details that appear as 'negative' to the ego initially. For example receiving information that someone around you isn't trustworthy). Ask for the Universe (or the divine, God, whatever name you connect with) to show you the loving nature of reality. In this way you may receive intuitive information about the beauty, grace and love of creation, and once you have this foundation of understanding about the nature of reality, it can help you to access all helpful information. It can also be wise to take a sincere look at if there are any relationships in your life where you could be giving your power away and begin to show up to that relationship differently e.g. setting boundaries and spending less energy around those people. Even if you practically have to be around people who don't accept you being in your power, you can say an empowered inner 'no' to that energy - and choose to claim your powerful, radiant energy and recognise it within yourself. 

There are specific techniques people can apply to practice 'intuitive development' but the devotion to truth and the clearing of attachments results in this ability awakening naturally and permanently and is the most effective pathway to actualise the full potential of your intuitive gift. 


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