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The body knows whether something is positive or negative to it

The body's energy field (the energy body) and the subconscious mind have a reaction to all stimuli they come into contact with.

The food you eat, the music you listen to, the people you surround yourself with… everything you experience is either positive or negative or neutral towards your experience of overall wellbeing.

Whether something is experienced by the body as positive, negative or neutral can be determined through muscle testing.

This article does not give an in depth description of muscle testing but for understanding, when a person is being muscle tested, if something is positive to the body the muscle goes strong. When something is negative to the body, the muscle goes weak. If something is neutral to the body the muscle will also go weak if muscle tested because the body would like to move towards greater levels of wellbeing.

If you are feeling stuck on some level in your life (whether spiritually, emotionally or physically) you may be doing something or be surrounded by something that you don't realise is a negative energy to you personally. This, for example, could be something in your diet or exercise routine, or a choice you are making in your life such as a career choice that isn't truly aligned with your authentic self or a friendship that has become stressful to you subconsciously where the dynamic needs to change in some way or your inner response needs to change in order for you to be responding to it in an aligned way.

Society has on the whole very little understanding of the effect of energy on the body or even that we live in an energetic universe (although on a scientific level it is understood everything is made up of energy). There are many things that are considered 'normal' by others that are not necessarily healthy and supportive of your spiritual, emotional or physical wellbeing - I.e. they wouldn't muscle test as strong (beneficial) for you personally. Especially when it comes to advanced spiritual seekers, they often need higher vibrational solutions in order to feel an optimal sense of balance and wellbeing.

Things that other people recommend may not work if they are making suggestions from a lower Level of Consciousness than you are already at.

Also things that worked before may not work now if your soul is moving towards very advanced states of consciousness.

Sometimes something temporarily feels good emotionally but it doesn't test as strong by muscle testing. It's not a real solution. The conditioned mind may feel attracted towards it because of trauma. The ego by its very nature does not know what is good for it! It may bring a temporary high but it doesn't balance the body and support wellbeing.

In 1-1 sessions we can go through every aspect of your life (e.g. physical health choices, emotions, subconscious beliefs, career alignment, relationships with others etc) and review where you can bring your body, mind and soul into greater balance.

(Note: In a complex stimuli such as a relationship with a person there can be components that are both positive, negative and neutral. For example maybe your relationship with your mother includes the positive component that you feel supported when she cooks you Sunday roast, has the negative component that sometimes she is critical towards you and makes comments that come from the Level of Consciousness below 200 (a negative state of consciousness below Level of Consciousness 200 emits negative energy). And then perhaps a natural stimuli is you are neither positively or negatively affected by her wearing a black T shirt. If there are multiple components to consider, muscle testing can make an overall holistic assessment (as a whole, is this thing more positive or negative?).


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