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3 reasons why muscle testing is the most efficient way to heal

(This article applies to physical, emotional and spiritual health)

The body doesn't lie

You may have a belief that certain things are helping or not helping, but your conscious mind may not be able to truly tell what is balancing for you in the long term. The best way to know what will help you is to let the body tell you through muscle testing. The body can communicate to you via muscle testing in a yes/ no format (asking questions where the answer is yes/no or true/false). A muscle being tested goes strong (a yes) when something is beneficial for you and weak (a no) when it is not beneficial.

Muscle testing can help you figure out solutions when 'nothing has worked'

For some people, their challenge (whether that is a physical health issue, trauma or life situation), feels very 'stuck'. You may have tried many different solutions to no avail. But communicating with the subconscious mind and letting it tell you exactly what it needs is a different ballgame!

I built my understanding of how powerful muscle testing can be across all life areas when I became severely ill. I was so sensitive to almost everything - I had to start supplements at very low doses and every element of my physical healing had to be figured out extremely precisely. Now I can bring that precision to helping others with their own challenges.

Muscle testing a series of questions (and especially if the person doing the muscle testing has expert knowledge in the area you are testing, knowing the right questions to ask is part of the art of being a skilled muscle tester) can tell you what will balance your body, mind and soul. (In my 1-1 sessions I go through an extensive list of questions to make sure all life areas and factors that could be affecting you are covered).

You are bio-individual - what you need to heal is not the same as what someone else needs

Sometimes cookie cutter advice doesn't apply to you.

Muscle testing can tell you the exact perfect formula for you. E.g.

  • How many times a week is it optimum for me to do [form of exercise]?

  • Is this food beneficial for me?

  • Which limiting beliefs do I need to clear in order to feel more confident at work?


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